Leadership Evolution Needed to Improve Employee Mental Health

Leading by example, showing and inspiring has been well adopted over the past few decades. With the increasing pressures and stress that the digital world brings affecting the mental health of leaders, then how can we expect to continue to lead by example and improve employee mental health? 

The challenge for our leaders is that many of the challenges facing employees experiencing challenges to mental health are also present for our leaders. Any human being, regardless of a position within an organisation is affected by the ever increasing speed at which the world operates due to technical advances. This is both inside and outside of the workplace.

The rise of technology and the amount of information coming in at us has increased. This has resulted in increased pressures both in terms of workload and social pressures.

The way to combat these pressures is to build tolerance by exposing ourselves to physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual well-being. The problem is that life is so busy, it can be easy to put these aside, even for leaders.

If we want to inspire balance and good mental health in organisations, then as leaders we need to show people how to behave. We can not expect employees to follow a regime to improve their mental health if we are not doing it ourselves.

We have started yoga sessions to allow business leaders the space to understand how they can be authentic in their leadership, improve their own mental-health and support their employees to reduce stress and increase satisfaction at work, for increased productivity. We believe by focusing on your well-being, the technology can work harder in the background to help you reach your business goals, rather than adding to your stress levels.

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