Some Things that Social Media Can’t Beat in Business

Social media has created tremendous advances for businesses and created an amazing platform for businesses of all shapes and size. There are some things that social media just can not do in the same way. Be aware as you wouldn’t wan these treasures to be forgotten!

1. Trust is built through eye contact and non-verbal cues. 55% of communication happens through body language. Another 38% is through voice and tone. Most social media posts  limit the ability to read body language and tone. Face to face is a great way to develop relationships and build trust much faster and build depth in relationships.

2.   Social media does a great job in providing a platform to reach out and connect, but it doesn’t buy you free coffee. Connecting over food and drink are a great way to release endorphins and connect at a deeper level.

3. You can’t handshake to seal the deal on social media. Physical contact with a handshake in many cultures is regarded as a welcome and a representation of sealing the deal. A powerful cue to help you close business that can not be achieved online.

4. There is no body to hug you when times get tough. I frequently give a hug to huggers in business when they are having a hard time. It just makes for a better day in empathy when things get tough over words and you can’t do this online. 

5. Social media doesn’t care about the context in which your business operates. It knows locations and places, but it doesn’t know about the economic conditions and how to improve them to help your business. Connecting with people help brings a great sense of context to places and helps us to see the bigger picture in a way that social media can not. 

How do you see social media? What ways do you see that social media has improved the way we do business? How do you see social media changing the way that people do business? 

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