Your Business Can Be So Much More Rewarding


Save £'s

Free perks save you out of pocket cost at business meetings.

Free exclusive money-saving perks offered by local businesses.

Earn Bleisure Passes with participating BLoyalty suppliers.

Improved Customer Experience

Show your clients you care. Take them out for coffee more often with your free perks. Why not show them they can download the app?

Make a Local Impact

The independent businesses in your city need you. For every £1 spent locally, it is worth £1.76 to the local economy. When spent in a national chain it is worth 36p to the local economy. Using your local perks stimulates the local econoy.

Increase Exposure

Experience local Bleisure Meetups and expand your network. Share your Bleisure stories and use them to create social media exposure. Add your free business perk, to create value for the local business community.

Innovation and Ideas

Use your free meetups pass to explore an environment to think outside of the box in your business.

Get Things Moving Locally

Want to get things moving with more in your area? Add venues suggestions via the Bleisure Rewards App.