Social Media and Employee Mental Health

Mental health in the workplace is a hot topic. With a rising trend of stress related sickness, there is a need for further intervention in the workplace.

During a well-being in the workplace talk in relation to Kundalini yoga and meditation recently, the benefits were clear.

There was a clear message that the rise of technology, social media and messages coming in at us that we have to adapt to strategies that enable us to cope with stress.

The next part was even more frightening. The rate of speed of the digital revolution, we must put measures in place to be able to cope with even more stress that was coming our way.

This was a key moment as I saw those around me agreeing. The digital revolution is moving at a pace irrespective of the impact on the mental health of people and the experience and perceptions of people.

It was then that I realised a groundbreaking movement in our approach. We are taking the human experience first and challenging technology to help us become more effective from the things that give us most enjoyment.

Recognising that other businesses are feeling frustrated about being invisible online, feeling stressed online we started to gain the excitement of local businesses behind the idea and start some meetups. The meetups focus on the mental health and well-being of people first and are making the Bleisure Rewards app works in conjunction with the meetup to faciliate their experience and help local businesses achieve their goals. 

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