The Cracks Are Surfacing.

What feel like new innovations and industry standards are showing signs of cracks. It is time to lay them on the table.

  • With the rise of a digital age, came the decline in human contact. With streamlining, automating and digitising, new business challenges are emerging such as an increase in concern over mental health.
  • With the rise of digital social media, the space became saturated. How can you stand out, be different and become visible in a saturated space?
  • We are constantly told that to stay ahead of the curve we must engage in a digital world. Yet most of us know instinctively the strongest and most effective form of engagement is face to face. Undoubtedly, social media has played a great role in empowering businesses. The challenge is the way we are taught to use social media to distribute stories is counter intuitive. Perhaps there is room to flip the relationship between digital and the real world on its head?
  • We live in a world where life and business are increasingly blurred. The world seems so focused on digital in meeting expectations and demands of emerging generations, but misses the human element. Focusing on the sausage (the technology), but not the sizzle (positively impacting humans and a need for social face to face interaction).
  • With the rise of online shopping and out of town shopping, the decline of the high street has risen. When towns and cities decline, we lose our sense of identity, sense of pride, sense of community and our employees feel the same. We need to help people feel inspired about the place they live and do business. Providing the technology to support that.
  • It has been widely accepted that most business startups fail and most have invested their own money. Taking risks and missing out on the journey. A pattern that is widely accepted, yet by changing our thinking, this can be solved.
  • Emerging technology is exciting. We must learn from our past mistakes in how we advance for the benefit of human existence and experience.

Our Manifesto

We are empowering local businesses to help each other and overcome business challenges. There are opportunities right on your doorstep and the door is now open. Defending mediocrity and the status quo is exhausting. Vision and change is exiting and energising. By thinking out of the box locally, we can open new opportunities locally and globally. 

Like it or not. Leisure and dining brings a natural environment in your town or city to stimulate human experience. 

Positive human experiences for your clients and employees help you to keep in their mind and foster stronger connections than online. Technology can be used to accelerate human connection and social media provide a platform to share experiences. We believe as we connect create minds in innovative and creative places, this can help to improve and speed up technological advancements.

Using technology in this way helps to create a new found value to dining and leisure venues as we open opportunities for your business by bringing together people, experiences and technology with local venues in your town or city. 

Perks, loyalty and rewards provide a framework of common value within a local business community. Helping to stimulate business transactions and generate revenue, resulting in more experiences, solving business challenges and bringing a positive boost to the local economy.

If you are with us (even if you don’t get it to start with), then great news. Membership is free and we’ll share 40 ways to use the platform for free to positively impact your business.

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