Innovation That Empowers Local Businesses and Contributes to Town and City Regeneration.

Government Agencies and BIDs Work Together With Us

Reward Actions That Help You Achieve Your Goals

Your agency can join the BLoyalty Programme and take advantage of branded Apps and Bleisure rewards for employees, residents and local businesses for doing the actions that help towards meeting your organisational objectives.

Digital Distribution

We collaborate with local agencies to speed up the impact of businesses investing into the local economy through the BLoyalty Programme. Generate ongoing revenue streams and increase the financial capacity of local businesses.

Muliply The Impact and Save

In collaboration with local authorities and BIDs we offer savings on BLoyalty to incentivise local businesses to participate in the programme. A return on investment is generated in year 2, as well as ongoing revenue streams and investment by local businesses into the high street and cultural transformation in support of economic regeneration.

How Would You Like to Accelerate the Transformation in your Town or City and increase the technical capacity of local businesses?

Technology Uprgrade Locally

BLoyalty Partners increase the capacity of their business to engage with their customers and staff through mobile apps.

Place Shaping and Marketing

Towns and cities are increasingly looking to influencers within to step up, shape and define the city. Bleisure Rewards provides a framework to create a positive cultural landscape, with plenty of visual marketing.

Investment into The High Street

We work with dining and leisure venues to attract more profitable group bookings. We are proactive in supporting activity within BID areas. We actively measure the financial investment we make into BID areas.

Collaboration Incentives

The platform is built upon the collaboration of local businesses. The rewards programme provides an incentive.

Mental Health and Well-being

The Bleisure Rewards platform provides a great way to encourage local businesses to embrace a proactive approach to employee wellbeing and to help people feel good about the city in which they work.

Defining Culture

A portion of revenue from the BLoyalty subscription is invested back into larger Bleisure events. The business community define the experiences they want to create and contribute to the cultural environment.