Bleisure Rewards started as a simple idea when the founder experienced a downturn during a recession. Ali Gordon realised there had to be a better way to safeguard our wellbeing and continue to enjoy experiences. Even when the going gets really tough.

Ali had found a way to turn herself around from the experience in the dining and leisure industry. She found there was a downturn in people participating in experiences as much as they used to and that it was affecting footfall and town and city centres.

She set to work pondering how she could attract more people back into dining and leisure. It was then that her digital and CIPD HR background came in to play. She started to see trends were showing that employee mental health-related sickness was consistently on the up year on year.

She then saw it would be possible to link an employee rewards program to local dining and leisure and work with local authorities in supporting town and city economic regeneration. A win-win for everyone concerned!

It hasn’t been an easy ride to find the answers. There is a big story of innovation and resilience. With perseverance, the way forward was found to make a big positive social impact. We hope to have you with us on this journey and find a solution recession-proof experiences!

Ali Gordon

Founder, CEO & Visionary Officer