Leadership Evolution Needed to Improve Employee Mental Health

Leading by example, showing and inspiring has been well adopted over the past few decades. With the increasing pressures and stress that the digital world brings affecting the mental health of leaders, then how can we expect to continue to lead by example and improve employee mental health? 

The challenge for our leaders is that many of the challenges facing employees experiencing challenges to mental health are also present for our leaders. Any human being, regardless of a position within an organisation is affected by the ever increasing speed at which the world operates due to technical advances. This is both inside and outside of the workplace.

The rise of technology and the amount of information coming in at us has increased. This has resulted in increased pressures both in terms of workload and social pressures.

The way to combat these pressures is to build tolerance by exposing ourselves to physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual well-being. The problem is that life is so busy, it can be easy to put these aside, even for leaders.

If we want to inspire balance and good mental health in organisations, then as leaders we need to show people how to behave. We can not expect employees to follow a regime to improve their mental health if we are not doing it ourselves.

We have started yoga sessions to allow business leaders the space to understand how they can be authentic in their leadership, improve their own mental-health and support their employees to reduce stress and increase satisfaction at work, for increased productivity. We believe by focusing on your well-being, the technology can work harder in the background to help you reach your business goals, rather than adding to your stress levels.

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Social Media and Employee Mental Health

Mental health in the workplace is a hot topic. With a rising trend of stress related sickness, there is a need for further intervention in the workplace.

During a well-being in the workplace talk in relation to Kundalini yoga and meditation recently, the benefits were clear.

There was a clear message that the rise of technology, social media and messages coming in at us that we have to adapt to strategies that enable us to cope with stress.

The next part was even more frightening. The rate of speed of the digital revolution, we must put measures in place to be able to cope with even more stress that was coming our way.

This was a key moment as I saw those around me agreeing. The digital revolution is moving at a pace irrespective of the impact on the mental health of people and the experience and perceptions of people.

It was then that I realised a groundbreaking movement in our approach. We are taking the human experience first and challenging technology to help us become more effective from the things that give us most enjoyment.

Recognising that other businesses are feeling frustrated about being invisible online, feeling stressed online we started to gain the excitement of local businesses behind the idea and start some meetups. The meetups focus on the mental health and well-being of people first and are making the Bleisure Rewards app works in conjunction with the meetup to faciliate their experience and help local businesses achieve their goals. 

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Well-being in Business

Photo by Alex Bertha on Unsplash

Well-being in business

Increased pressures and stresses in the world of business have led to a growing focus of mental health in the workplace. Addressing well-being at work can increase productivity, but what about the owners and leaders in businesses? What are they doing to bring their life and well being into balance if it would lead to higher levels of productivity?

All too often business owners can be so driven by their business goals that it is easy to miss out on the journey. The journey actually very often if we are open to possibility can present us with opportunities to reach our goals much sooner. We can only be open to see opportunities if we maintain a positive state of mind.

In a fast-paced business world it can be a challenge to see that slowing down can actually help us achieve more. Steadily the world is waking up to mindfulness (the benefits of having our mind in the here and now moment). More businesses are opening up to well-being and mental health. Allocating budgets to support employee welfare.

We aim to support business culture around well-being with Bleisure Rewards® . Embracing a culture of opening more opportunities from the journey of being in business and promoting the culture of the importance of well-being and mental health from the top down.


The Perception is “It’s a Jolly”

One of the most common objections we come across by business owners in relation to Bleisure Rewards is “Yes I love the idea of doing more of what I enjoy doing and opening new opportunities at the same time”. “How will I justify it? It looks like a jolly!”

There is a lot to be said about Business culture and how hospitality and entertainment are perceived. We talk a lot about changing priorities with younger generations, but unfortunately, for many businesses, these changing times are hard to move along with. Especially where organisational culture is concerned. Many are still conditioned into thinking that having experiences is more like “a jolly” and concerned about how actions will be perceived by others around them, than the true business benefits and making a cultural shift to suit the needs of emerging generations.

Your Business Culture plays a big part in how your customers interact with you and your staff loyalty. The more your staff and customers feel connected with you, the more attractive you are to work for and do business with. Leisure, entertainment and hospitality are an important opportunity to engage. Social media has played a part in engaging with our customers, but in the future, this level of engagement will not be enough as expectations start to shift.

Let’s look at some of the important benefits that Leisure, entertainment and hospitality can have on your business.

1. Building Stronger Relationships

It is much easier to connect in a relaxed setting when having an experience together than it is in a formal setting or indeed a ‘virtual setting’ online. You are much more likely to connect at an authentic level with your staff and customers.


2. Building Your Business with an Eye on The Future 

Those businesses who embrace changing priorities of younger generations will be better equipped with a ‘relational’ approach to business. Relationships are predicted to be the business collateral of the future where people are highly socially connected and engaged. Relationships will be valued more highly than transactions. By being open to change and what the future holds, then you are equipping yourself with competitive advantage. .


3. Attraction

Whether we are talking about staff or customers there is something special about a business that invests in developing an attractive business culture to draw staff to enjoy working and customers to do business. Leisure, entertainment and hospitality present an opportunity because it brings a universally attractive angle to any business or organisation. Bribery and Corruption Laws have challenged corporate thinking around attracting clients via corporate hospitality over the years. The Bleisure Rewards programme makes it possible to enjoy hospitality style experiences without the expense as members finance and earn their own hospitality style experiences.


4. Retention

It is more expensive to attract customers and great team members than it is to keep the ones you already have. Embracing an attractive culture with leisure, entertainment and hospitality is a great way to keep staff and customers loyal. Earning Bleisure Rewards within your business can help to contribute towards developing a strong organisational culture in ways that other businesses can not compete and helps to keep your costs down.