The Queens Mill Tearooms Teams Up with Bleisure Rewards

The Queens Mill in Castleford is a hidden gem in the Wakefield District. The Mill has an amazing history with evidence of milling taking place in the area as far back as Roman times!

Sitting on the bank of the River Aire and next to Castleford Bridge, the Queens Mill Tearooms offers a combination of lovely views and a breath of fresh air.

You can find further details about The Queens Mill on Experience Wakefield.

The Queens Mill Tearooms has teamed up with Bleisure Rewards so that local employees can hop in and enjoy hot drinks to go with their day out as a Bleisure Experience.

The Bleisure Rewards program offers a range of experiences for employees in the Wakefield District to enjoy experiences around Wakefield and the Five Towns to attract and retain talent, improve employee wellbeing and bring a local economic boost.

Is Death of The High Street Real?

I hear with intrigue about the perception of the high street. What are local councils doing about the death of the high street? The BIDs have been setup in many cities to help with the revival of the high street, but is that enough? 

Having spent many years now working with local businesses in city centres, there seems to be an overriding trend that is affecting footfall into the high street. The trend is ‘digital’. We are all engrossed with messages around ‘are you at the forefront of digital marketing?’, ‘you need to get ahead of the curve online’. 

Here is a stark reality. Local businesses are increasingly becoming invisible in the online space, unless there is lots of money to spend.  

The next fact is that there is so much coming in at us in the digital world, many people now describe social networking platforms as ‘doing my head in’ and although good to stay connected are craving social aspects of their life that are missing as we speed up the rate of progress of technology. 

The other challenge with digital platforms is that it makes it so easy not to have to go out these days. It’s easier to seem sociable in an online bubble and order a takeaway delivery via an app. 

Whilst we see many benefits of social media in reaching and connecting with a wider audience and we believe it should be in the mix, we anticipate a move towards a new way of being socially connected. Using technology to support our human experience. 

The digital world is having a social impact on us. A negative impact on mental health. A negative impact on local businesses thriving unless they have big budgets to spend.  Social media is having an impact on people going out and enjoying their city. 

Although many businesses are aware of this and want to do something. They are not quite sure how to change it.

The Death of The High Street (we don’t think so) 

We see two core factors that will safeguard the high street:

  1. Adapting to a new kind of high street. Working together with local councils and BIDs on the transformation. They need local businesses to collaborate and employees to start to turn their attention to what is available to them locally, with a compelling reason to change habits.
  2. Create a way for local businesses to make a small contribution that makes a compelling business case for getting involved. 

We don’t believe in the death of the high street. Simply a transformation of the high street. If we all sit back and watch, it will take some time and not necessarily benefit our local businesses. If we are aware of our habits, how they make an impact and gain a level of control as businesses, then we can make a transformation much sooner and pave the way for a much more exciting future.

Imagine a high street where you don’t have any restaurants, bars, coffee shops or leisure. Would you feel inspired to do business in that city? Would your employees feel compelled to go out and socialise towards creating a sense of balance? Unless we address our habits along with local council investment and transformation into cities, then they are working against the tide and we won’t have a thriving environment for employees and to connect with local businesses.

A compelling reason to support local in your business meetings

Let us take one example of holding a meeting in a coffee shop. The challenge for local businesses is that for every £1 spent for a business meeting in a coffee shop outside of a local business, the impact to the local economy is estimated at 36p.

For every £1 spent with a local business, in this example, on your high street, it is worth £1.76 to the local economy through the creation of jobs and how that money is re-invested.

That means it’s almost a 400% more of a positive impact to have your business meetings supporting a local independent coffee shop.

Authentic Leadership – If you want to attract local customers, then you can show your support of local businesses.
If you are in business, then it is a good practice to be aware of the impact of £1 you spend. After all, if you want other local businesses to spend with you, then it is important to understand why this is so significant and be authentic in leading the way in supporting local business. 

An Easy Way for Local Businesses to Challenge Their Habits and Make an Impact

To start to get the ball rolling, we have negotiated free hot drink perks in Wakefield City Centre. These are available for free on the Bleisure Rewards app. The free perks are an easy and readily available way to start making a difference for the high street in Wakefield.  

Based on the economics of local v’s non-local then 1000 perks redeemed in Wakefield city centre, that is approx £5,000 investment into the local economy. That’s a significant contribution. 

This is an easy way to start making a difference immediately and how we can start helping towards the goals of local council and local BID to make a difference. 

The business case is that instead of buying two cups of coffee for your meeting, you are buying just one, so it reduces the cost. You also build a much stronger connection when you meet face to face.

From a high street business perspective, the fact that you came through the door and another person had an experience, you are driving footfall and may like to go back. You are also not spending money with their competitors.

On top of all this, the Bleisure Rewards app will ping you handy notifications to help you grow your business whilst at the venue.

It is a case of using technology to support your experience and bring a positive boost to the local economy. 

Just one compelling reason to drive doing business back to the high street.

Working together, we see a positive transformation to a new economy of the high street. It’s an exciting time to influence it.


10 Reasons Why Bleisure Rewards Meeting Perks Matter More Than You Probably Realise

There are some really important reasons why the meeting perks available with your free membership are more valuable and significant that you realise. 


  1. Research to suggests that for every £1 spent in your local economy that £1 becomes worth around £3.70. For example, £1 spent in your local coffee shop is then likely to be reinvested locally either as staff wages and are more likely to be spent with local businesses.
  2.  When you don’t spend money a local independent business you are actively supporting their competition. Let’s say you spend £5 on a cup of coffee at a chain coffee shop out of town. That is £5 can go actively towards the competitions sales and marketing investment to attract further customers away from the local independent coffee shop. 
  3. Many businesses will object to parking and walking to a meeting because of inconvenience. If you do have to park and walk, this adds approximately 5 minutes onto a journey. 5 minutes of being mindful of the positive impact you are making. 5 minutes of being mindful of using the time to come up with creative ideas. How might you otherwise of used 5 minutes in your day?
  4.  A local coffee shop is often manned by the owner of the coffee shop. This gives you depth of conversation when you visit. You have something in common. You are in business. If you get to know a coffee shop owner, they meet Bleisure Rewards members who come to their coffee shop. By understanding and supporting them, they are more likely to understand and support you. We show local owners how they can both grow their business and support Bleisure Rewards members to connect with other members when they come to their coffee shop.
  5. Thinking outside of the box. Most businesses are following previous behaviour patterns without thought. Being mindful of changing behaviour patters now and again can help you think differently and solve other problems in your business. 
  6. Your Bleisure Rewards app links in with local business support and funding. When visiting the city centre, your app notifies you of business support available to you that is relevant to your profile of business and who to contact. Why not grab yourself your free perk and discover opportunities for your business.  
  7. Free perks reduce your out of pocket cost of business meetings. It’s like your client footing their part of the bill.
  8. Your client will appreciate you for it. Taking them out and footing the bill. That helps to foster relationships. The app also acts as a point of conversation. Not only are you adding to them buy getting them a coffee, but they could be using the Bleisure Rewards app and accessing the benefits for their own business. It’s always important to think of ways to stick in the mind of your customers. They’ll thank you for it!
  9. When you have a social experience together face to face, the brain releases endorphins that make people feel good. Interaction face to face is at a deeper level than online. Digital marketing can only take a business relationship so far. When you meet with clients you want them to feel good.  
  10. As a local business points 1-9 all relate to customers spending in your business. Wouldn’t you like local businesses to be more proactive about doing business with you locally? By leading the way, you are doing your bit towards shaping positive habits. 

Have you enjoyed your free perks yet? They are easy to access from the perks section on the app. The closest location to you appears at the top and you can select the perk and redeem it. It’s simple.

Grow Your Business – One Football Game To The Next

As a football fan in business, what could be better than taking a break to watch your favourite team?

Maybe experiencing hospitality? Maybe making more connections and friendships in business? Maybe opening further business opportunities? Maybe receiving rewards for the things you do in your business to pay for it so you can experience more often? Maybe not having to bear costs from your personal pocket? Just a few ideas to get started.

Helping you to grow your business from one football game to the next is our mission with our latest partner Circuit Hospitality.

Bleisure Rewards are delighted to have teamed up with Circuit Hospitality to offer hospitality experiences of a lifetime with match day premier football experiences with Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Everton, Chelsea, Huddersfield, Club Wembley and many more!

Members can earn Bleisure Rewards from doing activities that help their business to grow. Activities include networking during Bleisure Experiences, booking client hospitality, booking events to boost staff morale and loyalty, generating new business from within the community and so much more!

Members can earn 10% back towards future Bleisure Rewards experiences with match day hospitality bookings made with Circuit Hospitality.

Members use their earned rewards against matchday experiences where they can connect with other members, form friendships with a common passion for football and open new business opportunities. They don’t have to stop at one match as they can grow their business from one football game to the next.

We are looking forward to offering further experiences with cricket, rugby, concerts and horse racing with Circuit Hospitality.





Enjoy More Bleisure with Simpatico Pizza

Food Glorious Food, Hot Sausage and Mustard. Well, actually pizza!

What could be better than warm, fresh, delicious pizza made freshly each day? When it contributes to helping you grow your business of course!

Simpatico Pizza is a concept where multiple fresh Italian style pizzas are made each day and Simpatico stays open until it’s gone.

The restaurant recently opened in Leeds City Centre, (West Yorkshire) the pizza is served with passion and if you are pizza fan most definitely deserves a visit.

Simpatico offers Bleisure Rewards members 10% of their bill back towards their Bleisure Rewards pot.

So next time you tuck into your pizza have a think to yourself…Is this contributing towards me growing my business and experiencing more Bleisure?

Bleisure is the idea of enjoying more leisure on the back of business experiences. We take Bleisure to mean enjoying more leisure because you own a business and use leisure to grow your business. We think Simpatico Pizza hits the spot.


A Taste of India is Set To Help You Grow Your Business

We are delighted to welcome on board Hansas Restaurant to the Bleisure Local Programme.

Hansas is an award-winning vegetarian and vegan Indian Restaurant in Leeds and is one of my personal long-term favourites. Hands down, Hansas restaurant just had to be on the programme. Meat eaters have told me they feel satisfied when they visit Hansas, so maybe we’ll open up a few to give this amazing vegetarian restaurant a try.

So how do our members benefit from Hansas restaurant being part of Bleisure Rewards:

  • Hansas provides an excellent environment to connect business owners, directors and decision-makers who enjoy vegetarian and vegan food. Connecting and developing their business whilst enjoying the beautiful food.
  • Hansas are very enterprising and organise trips with their customers to India. We love the idea of building our business community with Hansas and opening new opportunities to do business and experience India with Bleisure Rewards. We see that by building community locally, we can expand opportunities internationally.
  • Hansas provide cooking masterclass experiences. Having experienced Hansas cooking master-classes first-hand my cooking skills improved by about 3000% and it is such an enjoyable experience. As a group experience, Hansas present an excellent way for those in business to relax and connect in a very informal setting and discover things about each other like, how much chilli they like in their food, how transferable their skills are in the kitchen and how to be resourceful in the kitchen.  The cooking masterclasses are great for corporate events and team building too. With the added benefit with Bleisure Rewards as a member you can earn 10% back into your Bleisure Wallet.
  • Hansas is a business that aligns with our values around friendship, warmth, hospitality and entrepreneurship. Hansas restaurant is the perfect example of how you can create a strong and successful business by caring about your customers, giving a great service and listening to the needs of customers. The founders are still very much involved in the business. If you want to surround yourself with successful people in business who have developed a strong brand and reputation, then our partners like Hansas are a great place to start. Bleisure Rewards presents an excellent talking point for any of our members who visit.
  • Our members can arrange for their outside catering and hold dinners at the restaurant and earn rewards into their Bleisure Wallet.


We are very much looking forward to the future growth of Bleisure Rewards, many more people opening up to experiencing Hansas as part of their journey in business.