Disruptive Business Models

Uber is the worlds largest taxi firm and yet doesn’t own any taxis.

Netflix is a market leader in video distribution and yet doesn’t own any video stores.


Being a disruptor to the way things have always been done is a positive way to create change. We think so anyway. From video rental to taxi hire there are new ideas emerging for shaping and transforming industries. We’re not any different.

We consider Bleisure Rewards to be a disruptor to the way we’ve always gone about business because we think some big changes are needed for the future of business stability and growth. We believe that without a disruptive approach that it wouldn’t be possible to make groundbreaking change for the better. Here are some of the ways that we have adopted a disruptive approach.

Marketing Dining, Entertainment and Hospitality

Traditional approach – A major problem for restaurant and entertainment venues doing business the traditional way is that often they are encouraged to discount which cheapens brands. Fees are then paid to third parties for driving customers.

Disruptive approach – Bringing footfall back into local towns and cities is necessary to maintain the dining and entertainment industry. We maintain the brand position as everyone pays full price. Any commissions we earn by driving footfall to local dining, entertainment and hospitality venues goes back to the Bleisure Wallet of the individual frequenting the venue so they can re-invest back into the industry.


Digital Marketing

Traditional approach – There has been a major shift towards digital and online over the past two decades. The future is seen by most that the world will become even more digitised and move away from people.

Disruptive approach – We believe in the digital age moving into a social age. Human nature is highly social and natural tendencies are very hard to break. We believe that there is a place for digital, but the future is to reconnect people face to face as that is where deep relationships and memories are formed. Our approach is community, people and relationships first, exploring how we can open new possibilities for people to connect.


Advertising and Sales

Traditional approach – The traditional approach is for advertising and sales is to offer commissions to those who drive sales on a cost per acquisition basis.

Disruptive approach – When these commissions are passed back into the ecosystem so that everyone can enjoy and experience more out of life.



Traditional approach – Community is formed by having a group who follow.

Disruptive approach – Community is formed by having a group who receive a benefit to experience more of what they want together, solidify relationships and create memories. Instead of looking onward at a brand, they are emotionally engaged in the brand through experience.


The word disruptive sounds harsh and abrasive. It is our stance that significant social change can only happen when disruptors come along and make a stance for a positive change. We’re making a stand for changes in the business community, so there are fewer risks and more enjoyment from the journey of being in business. Afterall, what do you do it all for?


What is your view of disruptive models in business? What other companies do you know who have created positive change through disruption? Are you a fan of disruption? What other changes need to happen in business world for the better?

Enjoy More Bleisure with Simpatico Pizza

Food Glorious Food, Hot Sausage and Mustard. Well, actually pizza!

What could be better than warm, fresh, delicious pizza made freshly each day? When it contributes to helping you grow your business of course!

Simpatico Pizza is a concept where multiple fresh Italian style pizzas are made each day and Simpatico stays open until it’s gone.

The restaurant recently opened in Leeds City Centre, (West Yorkshire) the pizza is served with passion and if you are pizza fan most definitely deserves a visit.

Simpatico offers Bleisure Rewards members 10% of their bill back towards their Bleisure Rewards pot.

So next time you tuck into your pizza have a think to yourself…Is this contributing towards me growing my business and experiencing more Bleisure?

Bleisure is the idea of enjoying more leisure on the back of business experiences. We take Bleisure to mean enjoying more leisure because you own a business and use leisure to grow your business. We think Simpatico Pizza hits the spot.


How Your Next Wine Purchase Could Help You Grow Your Business.

Yes as bizarre as it sounds, your next wine purchase could actually be contributing in some way towards helping you to grow your business.

The Yorkshire Wine Rascal is now a partner of Bleisure Rewards and offers 10% of wine and champagne purchases as a contribution to our members Bleisure Wallet. Members can use their wallet to purchase Bleisure events to experience more and to help them grow their business.

“Wine presents a great opportunity for Bleisure Rewards members to experience the world through their pallet and connect with social experiences” Barry Groves – The Yorkshire Wine Rascal

Bleisure Rewards act a bit like a virtual currency and form part of Bleisure Rewards membership. There is a subtle difference that Bleisure Rewards are backed by cash so that we can invest back into the dining, entertainment and hospitality sector. Bleisure Rewards Members earn rewards for doing business with our partners, participating in the Bleisure Local programme, just for being a loyal member and for referring members to help the idea to grow.

Partnership with The Yorkshire Wine Rascal has an added benefit in supporting the Bleisure Local Programme. The Bleisure Local programme is designed to bring a boost to the dining, entertainment and hospitality sector in towns and cities. As part of the programme, restaurants and bars can tap into our featured partner services and build up a Bleisure Wallet that can be used in their venue to incentivise the Bleisure Rewards community to participate in experiences in their venue.

We are delighted to have The Yorkshire Wine Rascal on board as a Bleisure Partner as an early adopter of the Bleisure Rewards concept. Paving the way to a future world of business and marketing innovation.

A Taste of India is Set To Help You Grow Your Business

We are delighted to welcome on board Hansas Restaurant to the Bleisure Local Programme.

Hansas is an award-winning vegetarian and vegan Indian Restaurant in Leeds and is one of my personal long-term favourites. Hands down, Hansas restaurant just had to be on the programme. Meat eaters have told me they feel satisfied when they visit Hansas, so maybe we’ll open up a few to give this amazing vegetarian restaurant a try.

So how do our members benefit from Hansas restaurant being part of Bleisure Rewards:

  • Hansas provides an excellent environment to connect business owners, directors and decision-makers who enjoy vegetarian and vegan food. Connecting and developing their business whilst enjoying the beautiful food.
  • Hansas are very enterprising and organise trips with their customers to India. We love the idea of building our business community with Hansas and opening new opportunities to do business and experience India with Bleisure Rewards. We see that by building community locally, we can expand opportunities internationally.
  • Hansas provide cooking masterclass experiences. Having experienced Hansas cooking master-classes first-hand my cooking skills improved by about 3000% and it is such an enjoyable experience. As a group experience, Hansas present an excellent way for those in business to relax and connect in a very informal setting and discover things about each other like, how much chilli they like in their food, how transferable their skills are in the kitchen and how to be resourceful in the kitchen.  The cooking masterclasses are great for corporate events and team building too. With the added benefit with Bleisure Rewards as a member you can earn 10% back into your Bleisure Wallet.
  • Hansas is a business that aligns with our values around friendship, warmth, hospitality and entrepreneurship. Hansas restaurant is the perfect example of how you can create a strong and successful business by caring about your customers, giving a great service and listening to the needs of customers. The founders are still very much involved in the business. If you want to surround yourself with successful people in business who have developed a strong brand and reputation, then our partners like Hansas are a great place to start. Bleisure Rewards presents an excellent talking point for any of our members who visit.
  • Our members can arrange for their outside catering and hold dinners at the restaurant and earn rewards into their Bleisure Wallet.


We are very much looking forward to the future growth of Bleisure Rewards, many more people opening up to experiencing Hansas as part of their journey in business.


When Being Wrong is Brilliant

I wrote a book recently and one of the best outcomes in the process was that I built a friendship with a team of people who have been there to support me beyond the book.

After speaking to Sue Miller (Team Author UK) she complimented me on a business decision I made where I acknowledged that I was wrong and she said when you have a moment to write a blog post about it. So this Blog post is dedicated to you Sue and thanks for all your help and support on this journey.

It is not always easy to admit when you are wrong. When you get that feeling in the pits of your stomach. I just knew it.

Bleisure Rewards first started out as an idea which was Business Not Usual. The idea was that it’s about doing business, but it’s definitely not the same old usual.

I had branding advice which was great and a good deal of thought went into the whole idea. You can see the logo here. This idea followed right to a point where I pressed go. It was at that point that I started showing business owners that I had some unbelievably good feedback which was probably the best piece of advice I ever had. But I had to admit that I was wrong and do something about it. This is not a time for ego to come into play or for feeling down about the fact that all the work and effort went into Business Not Usual.

The first piece of feedback was that it wasn’t even good English. The second piece of advice was that it looked like a joke. Now I know many did love Business Not Usual, but the plain and simple fact was that Bleisure Rewards started out as part of the idea.

Now I will be transparent and say yes I didn’t want to cry and yes it did take many hours to switch everything across, but my gut instinct told me it was right and so it was. Since the launch of Bleisure Rewards we haven’t looked back.

So the moral of this story is if you get feedback and it feels impossible, reflect on this story. It doesn’t hurt to be wrong. In fact, back peddling a bit and acknowledging when you are wrong can actually help you move a lot further forward. So I admitted to myself I was wrong and able to a do a lot more right in the process.

Have you ever got something wrong and back peddled? What is your story?

Building Value Through Entertainment With Your Product and Service

In my years of marketing, it has occurred to me that although there has been a shift in channels with the rise of online and social media, there has been a fairly consistent message that has remains.

[pullquote align=right]

To remain competitive in business we are challenged to think of new ways of communicating value and giving customers what they want (not what they need) from our product or service.


I used to see the world in pretty much the same way. That was until I immersed myself in an alternative world of travel and developing leisure partnerships. I started to become very aware of slight changes on the horizon that had the potential to make big shifts in marketing in the future.

Each day as I developed partnerships and focus on leisure perks, my radar became tuned in to how companies use leisure perks in their marketing. Whereas the focus used to be in creating value which comes ‘from’ giving customers what they want from our product or service. There is a subtle shift towards giving customers what they want ‘from your product or service’ to remain competitive.

What do we all want?
An easy life and to have the best quality of life possible. This involves making things easier and less time consuming. Guess what? So we have more time and money to spend on doing what we want. We want to be making memories.

So it might seem that you want more time and money to divert towards a successful business. Guess what? No doubt that is ‘so you can build’ more time freedom into the life that you want, make time with the people in your life and make more memories.

The centre to everything that we want is in the essence of living. Leisure and lifestyle is a key part to this. Travel is a component that gives complete freedom to make memories on a global level.

What has entertainment got to do with having your items delivered or what you eat?

In short. Everything. We want convenience to save us time, but we want to use the time we spend doing what we want. Amazon is leading the way with this with mainstream consumer marketing.

What has a day trip to Alton Towers got to do with eating breakfast cereal?

How Can The Small Business Compete?

Even when we are business to business marketing, it is important not to forget that we are all consumers and there is a common theme.

If we can give consumers what they want ‘with’ our product or service then we become attractive. We just need to generate more of it from what we already do.

That is precisely why Business Not Usual established to divert all membership fees into members Holiday pot and reaping travel rewards through our events and activity. Bringing exactly what customers want.

Then over time showing business owners how they can do the same.