10 Reasons Why Bleisure Rewards Meeting Perks Matter More Than You Probably Realise

There are some really important reasons why the meeting perks available with your free membership are more valuable and significant that you realise.    Research to suggests that for every £1 spent in your local economy that £1 becomes worth around £3.70. For example, £1 spent in your local coffee shop is then likely to […]

11 Secret Signs Your Idea is innovating

The path of innovation is a brave new world. Are you on a path of innovating? New ideas, new products, new concepts? We have found on our journey of bringing an innovative idea to market there are some telltale signs that your idea is innovative. If you identify with these, then congratulations. The path can […]

Some Things that Social Media Can’t Beat in Business

Social media has created tremendous advances for businesses and created an amazing platform for businesses of all shapes and size. There are some things that social media just can not do in the same way. Be aware as you wouldn’t wan these treasures to be forgotten! 1. Trust is built through eye contact and non-verbal […]

Wakefield Businesses Coming Together To Boost The City With Bleisure

Local Businesses Are Coming Together to Open Opportunities and Bring a Boost to Wakefield Restaurants, Leisure and Entertainment When local businesswoman Ali Gordon was filling up restaurants around the UK and Europe, she came home to discover that Wakefield city centre restaurants, bars and cafes were much quieter than they used to be. There was […]

Keep Focused on the Goal. Work Hard, and You Can’t Fail.

When it comes to business start-ups, the truth is that most can fail, and many do fail in a big way. Over half of UK businesses fail in the first five years, and 70% have invested their own money. There are some other common traits for the owner of a business start-up. Most start in the first […]

Creative Marketing Ideas

Bleisure as an idea is about adding additional days of what you enjoy most onto business trips. Embracing the idea involves a certain degree of open-mindedness. Probably more often than not embraced for personal gain, the concept naturally lends itself to being in great places, meeting new people and exchanging ideas. Embracing the idea of Bleisure […]

Reassurance In Innovation

There is an aspect of innovation that not so many in business talk about. ” I like to be innovative” is what most say. The challenge is that when something is unconsciously perceived as too innovative and unknown territory the chimp brain kicks in and puts the body into a state of fear. The problem then becomes […]

Technology and Innovative Routes to Market

Technology has been used for a long time to help us discover the experiences we want from life. Technology for a long time has supported businesses to reach markets in innovative ways. Combining the technology to bring together experiences in life with technology to reach the market in innovative ways seemed like a natural progression. When […]

Rewarding Loyalty. So What’s New?

In 1994 as a student, I was promoting one of the UK’s first loyalty cards in a Sainsbury’s carpark. Over 2 decades later, we are more than familiar with a points system and rewards cards both as consumers and within our business lives. The idea of rewards we felt rewards presented a way that we […]

Customer Retention Made Simple

It costs more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer. 5 x more. With a shift in customer engagement back to face to face, it will be difficult in the future to maintain relationships with customers without experiences. Without addressing business differently, retaining customers would become an expensive exercise. It would […]