In Brief a 2020 Vision for Wakefield in 2020

The start of a new decade seems like a great time to step boldly forward with exciting and challenging goals. Have you set yourself stretching and challenging goals?

We have taken on board feedback, innovation and refocused Bleisure Rewards with a grand plan and as they say approaching the next decade with ‘2020 vision’.

Our goals are:

  1. Raising £4m Revenue into Wakefield Dining, Leisure and Culture
    We have set an ambitious goal to raise £4m in revenue into Wakefield Dining, Leisure and Culture over the next 3 years. How are we going to do it? With the help of brilliant businesses, charities and organisations in Wakefield with the spirit we have to bring a new dynamic to the city. We already have early adopters coming on board with some major players.
    Find out more by joining us at Theatre Royal Wakefield for Business with Brunch in January
  2. Attraction and Retention of Talent in Wakefield
    Attraction and retention of talent in Wakefield is a major pain for many Wakefield employers. Sometimes it is important to recongise a specific opportunity and so we decided to change tact. Bleisure Rewards is re-launching with a focus specifically on employee benefits.    Join us at the Theatre Royal Wakefield Business with Brunch in January to find out how you can benefit, including early adopter advantages.
  3. Making an Impact
    One thing is certain that the Wakefield district is on the up! With the fantastic landscape of culture, dining and leisure along with the spirit of local organisations who appreciate that you cannot solve the same old problems doing the same old things. New solutions can be found through collaboration and thinking outside of the box. Change can be positively embraced. We are keen to collaborate as far and wide across the Wakefield district as possible. Supporting businesses, charities and organisations in achieving their goals. Come along and meet our partners at the next Business and Brunch and explore opportunities to collaborate.

Join us at the next Business with Brunch in January

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