10 Reasons Why Bleisure Rewards Meeting Perks Matter More Than You Probably Realise

There are some really important reasons why the meeting perks available with your free membership are more valuable and significant that you realise. 


  1. Research to suggests that for every £1 spent in your local economy that £1 becomes worth around £3.70. For example, £1 spent in your local coffee shop is then likely to be reinvested locally either as staff wages and are more likely to be spent with local businesses.
  2.  When you don’t spend money a local independent business you are actively supporting their competition. Let’s say you spend £5 on a cup of coffee at a chain coffee shop out of town. That is £5 can go actively towards the competitions sales and marketing investment to attract further customers away from the local independent coffee shop. 
  3. Many businesses will object to parking and walking to a meeting because of inconvenience. If you do have to park and walk, this adds approximately 5 minutes onto a journey. 5 minutes of being mindful of the positive impact you are making. 5 minutes of being mindful of using the time to come up with creative ideas. How might you otherwise of used 5 minutes in your day?
  4.  A local coffee shop is often manned by the owner of the coffee shop. This gives you depth of conversation when you visit. You have something in common. You are in business. If you get to know a coffee shop owner, they meet Bleisure Rewards members who come to their coffee shop. By understanding and supporting them, they are more likely to understand and support you. We show local owners how they can both grow their business and support Bleisure Rewards members to connect with other members when they come to their coffee shop.
  5. Thinking outside of the box. Most businesses are following previous behaviour patterns without thought. Being mindful of changing behaviour patters now and again can help you think differently and solve other problems in your business. 
  6. Your Bleisure Rewards app links in with local business support and funding. When visiting the city centre, your app notifies you of business support available to you that is relevant to your profile of business and who to contact. Why not grab yourself your free perk and discover opportunities for your business.  
  7. Free perks reduce your out of pocket cost of business meetings. It’s like your client footing their part of the bill.
  8. Your client will appreciate you for it. Taking them out and footing the bill. That helps to foster relationships. The app also acts as a point of conversation. Not only are you adding to them buy getting them a coffee, but they could be using the Bleisure Rewards app and accessing the benefits for their own business. It’s always important to think of ways to stick in the mind of your customers. They’ll thank you for it!
  9. When you have a social experience together face to face, the brain releases endorphins that make people feel good. Interaction face to face is at a deeper level than online. Digital marketing can only take a business relationship so far. When you meet with clients you want them to feel good.  
  10. As a local business points 1-9 all relate to customers spending in your business. Wouldn’t you like local businesses to be more proactive about doing business with you locally? By leading the way, you are doing your bit towards shaping positive habits. 

Have you enjoyed your free perks yet? They are easy to access from the perks section on the app. The closest location to you appears at the top and you can select the perk and redeem it. It’s simple.

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