Be part of something new. We are changing some rules.

Bleisure Rewards® is a movement. Enabling local businesses to help each other solve their business challenges using technology to;

Connect & Build Relationships
Increase Revenue
Reduce Costs
Increase Retention
Enjoy More of Your City.

App Available on the App Store and Play Store

"The Bleisure Rewards platform enabled us to directly reach our customers within a matter of weeks. The nature of personal relationships meant we wouldn't have been able to achieve results this quickly with other platforms"
David Cusworth
Managing Director

Positive Impact for Your Business

Save Money

Local businesses add to your bottom-line by saving you money with free perks for business meetings, free perks offered by other local businesses and a free account to start earning Bleisure Rewards points with local suppliers today.

Increase Customer Loyalty

It costs substantially more to attract new customers than it does to build loyalty with existing customers with your own B2B loyalty programme.Teaming up with local businesses the platform helps to improve your client experience in refreshingly new ways to stay ahead of the competition.

Increase Exposure and Revenue

You can reach and engage with the Bleisure Rewards business community and open new possibilities for your business. Add new revenue streams by creating your Bleisure Community.

Attract and Retain Loyal Employees

A positive impact on your business culture as your points can be converted onto a local Bleisure employee gift card. Points can also be used on savings for team-building days, team drinks and dinners in local venues.

Make a Difference

Spending in the local economy multiplies the value of £1.
1 Bleisure Reward is worth £1+ to the member and over £4 to the local economy.

Expand Your Thinking

Bleisure Rewards is an innovative platform. Using technology to connect businesses locally and stimulate new ways to do business helps local businesses develop new strategies to remain competitive.

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